A Sociological Study on Social Behaviour towards Children with Disabilities in the Context of Inclusive Education System in Primary Schools of Kotri, District Jamshoro

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Ameer Ali Buriro
Pasand Ali Khoso
Waheed Ahmed Abbassi


The paper aims to investigate the issues of comprehensive guidance that which kids with inabilities minorities face issues in schools, besides analyses the various factors which are negative attitudes and stereotypes of society towards the children with disabilities and lack of equivalence in the education sector. Disable children are neglected and discriminated by the society at every sphere of the life. They are also excluded by formal and informal education sector of Pakistan, at national and local levels. They are hired and purchased by the mafia of beggars and they use the children for begging that is why, there is need to support them in inclusive education and in society activities to make them contributing member of the society. In this study, fifteen teachers have been recruited from the various schools of the Taluka Kotri District Jamshoro by using the 5.0 Likert scale, civil society members and parents of the ten children with disabilities were also part of this study. Moreover, in this study face-to-face interview method was also employed, where respondents’ in-depth opinions were included. The main findings of study found that teachers’ experience at schools were not found positive; because they find difficulties in inclusive education, for they are not trained to deal with the children with disabilities. Teachers also agreed that a child who belongs to the minority often face difficulties in studying mainstream government schools. Results show that parents of the normal children were also not in favor of inclusive education, and parents of children with disabilities and minorities were not satisfied with the attitudes and behavior of the society towards their children. Societal behavior was also a great cause to suppress the children with disabilities. There is a dire need to accept the disable children socially and morally. The results of the study can help for the policy makers, government officials, educationist to involve them to work on this immediately and obliquely to implement inclusive training programs and software.

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