Warrior Traits of Pakistani Tribal Community: A Stylistic Analysis of Lexical and Syntactic Choices in “The Wandering Falcon”

  • Gulzar Ahmad
  • Adnan Tahir
  • Muhammad Asif
Keywords: Stylistic devices, Lexical choices, Syntactic choices, Warrior traits, FATA tribe


This study has conducted a stylistic analysis of The Wandering Falcon, a novel by Jamil Ahmad, a famous Pakistani English prose writer. The novel has been analyzed stylistically in terms of lexical, grammatical and figure of speech items to give a better insight of the theme of warrior traits of Pakistani tribal community of FATA. The novelist has selected specific style markers to introduce the readers to the ideological and cultural message blended in the text. Following the toolkit of linguistic and stylistic categories proposed by Leech and Short (1987), the study has used both the qualitative and quantitative data analysis techniques. The different lexical, grammatical and figures of speech items from the text of the novel were collected by using frequency based quantitative techniques as well as content based qualitative interpretation to explore their moral and regional characteristics. The stylistic analysis reveals that the author has used such lexical, grammatical and figure of speech items which demonstrate the warrior traits of FATA‘s tribes. This study will help the other researchers to better understand how authors use various stylistic devices to construct and reshape the meanings.