Pakistani Secondary School Teachers’ Perspectives on Choice of Profession

  • Muhammad Kamran
  • Muhammad Shahbaz
Keywords: Teaching Profession, Secondary English Language Teachers, Career Choice


The main aim of the present study was to find out the views of Pakistani secondary school language teachers about the reasons that were mentioned behind their career choice. The study was conducted among 14-secondary English language teachers. The study was qualitative in nature in which extensive and follow up interviews were used for the data collection. The data were analyzed through coding and thematic analysis. The findings of the current study exhibited that altruistic and intrinsic reasons were the two major causes behind their career choice but the one main themewhich came to prominence was the ―feminism‖ in teaching profession. Most of the females considered that teaching is really suitable for females because according to Pakistani culture the females feel more security and safety in teaching profession rather than in any other profession. In final section, implications and recommendations have been presented as well.