The Viewer Perception of the Connotative Portrayal of Superhero Characters in Postmodern Screen Fiction

  • Ghulam Ali Buriro
  • Aftab Ahmed Charan
  • Muhammad Ali
Keywords: Superhero, Symbolism, Allegory, Genre, Screen Fiction, Movies


Literature enjoys the power of verbal influence through its diverse implicit and explicit connotations. Similarly, the screen fiction also exhibits the same connotative leverage of literature. The emerging genre of superheroes has taken a significant space on screen fiction. The study attempted to explore the symbolical significance of superhero characters in movies. For data collection three regular viewers were approached with an open-ended questionnaire. Their responses were recorded and transcribed and later analyzed qualitatively. The analysis reveals that the characters are mostly designed for commercial and entertainment purposes. However, these characters do portray certain geopolitical circumstances and facts.