Twenty First Century Needs Harmony and Peace: A Case Study of Rumi’s Masnevi

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Faiz Muhammad Brohi
Dr. Muhammad Khan Sangi


The aim behind this research is to find out the solution for the issues of today’s society that lacks harmony and peace. It helps in finding the parameters and the causes of destruction in the society. On the one hand, man has reached the moon; on the other hand, people are dying of poverty and hunger. The postmodern world of today lacks harmony and peace that lies in the service of humanity. This article highlights the spiritual revival that brought harmony and peace in the past, but if applied in our twenty first century with the same approach then, it is hoped, it can bring the same results again. The solution lies in investigating the parameters which are discussed in this paper with special reference to Rumi’s Masnevi in order to show the path towards peace. In the article, the qualitative research is applied and the tool used in this research is textual analysis. This study may motivate towards newness and the revival of spiritual growth that leads us towards twenty first century that really demands progress in the outer and inner realm.

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