Deconstruction of poetic Discourse: Analysis of Wallae Stevens Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

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Mubarak Ali Lashari
Dr. Shumaila Memon
Saima Larik


The paper in hand is an attempt to apply deconstructionist approach to analyze the poetic eloquence with various post-structuralism elements. Post-structuralism is postmodern phenomena, which is applied and explored widely. As part of post-structuralism 'Deconstruction' is innovative and distinctive technique of interpretation. By this way, new linguistic and thematic vistas can be explored very well. the paper is an analysis of wallace Stevens' poem "thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" by the application of deconstruction. The study explores  qualitatively signifiers and signified as non-structural elements. Then the presence in absence as deconstructing element, is explored, whereas, the contradictions, metaphor, differance (temporal and spatial) are found as significant and peculiar features of post-structuralism, and finally intertextuality is investigated as the instance of the unstable meanings and de-centred structures. Therefore, it is found that the poem in theme, form and the structure is the tall talk of flexible aspects of language indeterminacy.  

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