Positive Trends in Mirza's Stories Written for Children

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Munir Hyder Laghari


Mirza Kalich Beg is the most strong and dynamic personality of prose in the history of Sindhi literature. He was a prominent scholar in the 18th and 19th centuries, who tried his hand at every genre of Sindhi literature. Mirza Kalich Beg always wrote purposefully and according to the need of the hour, based on research. He planned and took pen to fill the gap in prose in Sindhi literature from every literary genre – language, agriculture, occult, science, and astronomy to children’s literature. Here, planning means filling the gap in the literature to get certain results, meaning that Mirza Kalich Beg presented famous stories of world literature not only in the Sindhi language but also colored them in the local culture. The selection of that particular children’s literature serves the purpose of children’s mental growth, reformative, creative and thoughtful inclination, fondness for literature, language skills, interest in education, and knowledge of useful rules of everyday life. The importance of children’s literature can’t be denied even in today’s modern scientific era. It still has the same importance in every society today. However, the needs of the current period cannot be denied. Ancient children’s literature revolved around the stories of ghosts, witches, fairies, magicians, princesses, and princes while its scope is broadened to science and sociology in today’s modern times. But, the trends of ethics and humanism that have occupied a central place in both old and modern literature are and will remain the same. Science fulfills the needs of life’s survival whereas literature brings the qualities of ethics and collective life. Science does not compete with literature. No matter where the world of technology reaches, but ethical and humanistic values will have their basic worth. Similarly, children’s literature has a lot of importance in children’s mental growth. Different kinds of scientific inventions from the 19th to 21st centuries have undoubtedly changed the way of life, but ethical values have not changed from that period to the present. Those positive trends still have basic importance in a healthy society. Mirza’s children’s literature also fulfills those needs. Through this study, we will determine the usefulness of Mirza’s children’s literature in the present time.

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