The Role of Mirza Kalich Beg in Educational Awairness (In the Light of Zeenat Novel)

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Muhammad Fahim


Education is the process that brings about positive changes in the life of human beings as well as in society. Keeping in view this fact on top priority, Mirza Qaleech initiated a campaign of educational awareness in his writings. He was eye-witnessed of those days when people of the society had negligence of education. At that time, seeking education was a matter of shame for people in general and women in particular. Women's education was considered as a waste of time. Such circumstances compelled Mirza Qaleech Baig to write “Zeenat” Novel in order to inculcate the importance and advantages of education as well as female education in the minds of people. In this novel, he has mentioned outdated thoughts of people prevailed in the Sindhi society and suggested reforms possible through education for individuals and society.

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