A simple study of ‘Homo-Structure words’ in Molvi Ahmed Mallah’s poetry

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Dr. Altaf Jokhio


Grasp over ‘figures of speech’ in Molvi Ahmed Mallah’s Sindhi Poetry is unmatchable and exceptional. It looks very clear that he was cut out for Classical Hindhi/ Sindhi Prosody along possessing great expertise over the Arabic Prosody. Lyrical translation of Quran Majeed named ‘Noor ul Quran’ and his mixed poetry named ‘Kulyat Ahmed’ are his best pieces of literary work in the light of the different types of prosody. Whoever will read or listen to his sung verses (Bait), Kafi, Odes (Gazal) and lyrical poems would get mesmerized instantly and automatically. No doubt, he excels at all other Sindhi poets in using ‘Homo- Structure Words’ (Tajnees Khatti). Tajnees Khatti exists in Arabic. The script only which is a literal technique of using words in prose or poetry having the same structural look or shape of letters with different locations of dots as well as dissimilar sounds therein. It is very interesting to note here that this technique of Tajees Khatti is a noncompatible technique with Roman as well as Devnagri scripted languages. This paper is simply the data collection of Tajnees Khatti in Molvi Ahmed Mallah’s match-to-nothing poetry.

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