Techniques, Marks and Usage of Proofreading

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Khalid Azad


In the field of publishing and printing, Proofreading is a very significant and technical work of reading of any writing- content or document, but it has been considered a fairly very easy job in Sindh. That’s why the newspapers and publishing organizations have been engaging learners and beginners for this very technical and difficult work. Usually, it has been considered that proofreading is just a work of comparison between original and typed writing and documents but it’s not never like this. Proofreading is also important and technical work like editing and other parts of the process of publications. Before printing a document or a written content, it is very important to carefully read it according to typography, grammar, and punctuations, this whole process is called `Proofreading`. Proofreading of the written material is the final step that must be taken before writing can be considered complete and ready to be printed. During the proofreading procedure, proofreaders should search in content for errors/mistakes lying in spelling, word usage, grammar, and punctuation. It is important to carefully proofread all written material/content as it maintains the beauty, worth, and authenticity of written work/content.

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