Technical and Aesthetics in Sheikh Ayaz's Geet

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Aziz Qasmani


Shaikh Ayaz has been a legendary poet of Sindh. He was born on 3rd March 1923 AD at Shikarpur. His father Shaikh Ghulam Hussain named him Mubarak Ali. Later he became famous by his pen name Shaikh Ayaz. He has been titled as a great thinker by the Sindhi nation. He didn't gain this title overnight but rather he dedicated his whole life to the Sindhi literature and poetry. His books in 1962 AD. Many of his books were seized: 'Bhanwar Bhare Akas', 'Kalhe Patam Kenro' 1962, Compilation of Letters 'Kaak Kakor ya Kapri in 1963, 1964, and in 1968 by the then dictators. His stature as a poet was known when he molded himself completely into his poetic art.

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