Critical and Research Analysis of Mirza Kalich Beg’s Poems

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Mushtaque Gabol


Mirza Kalich Beg is the founder of modern Sindhi poem. His poems are rightly termed as the torchbearers of new tradition in modern Sindhi poems. He laid the basis of change in topics in Sindhi prose and verse. He has described the reality of life through his poems in very plain and simplistic manners. Reformism, naturalism, Realism and progressivism are some of Kalich’s main topics. He has manifested a distinctive style in poems for reformation and betterment of the society. He added linguistic and cultural beauty to Sindhi poems. He enriched Sindhi poems with progressive thought, enlightenment, realism, resistance, aesthetics and scientific thought even prior to Kishan Chand Bewas and Hyder Bux Jatoi. He rendered the traditional poetic forms untraditional by absorbing new topics of the modern times to classical poetic form of the Masnavi.


The above stated works of Mirza Kalich not only augured in a new era of writing modern Sindhi poems but also paved the way for the change in topics in Sindhi poems.

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