An Analytical and Comparative Study of Sassue in Shah Abdul Latif and Bullah Shah Poetry’s

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Shafique Ahmed Shahani
Noor Afroz Khawaja


This research paper comprised on comparative, critical and homogenetic study of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Bulla Shah these two poets are classical poets of Indus valley and one of them Bulla Shah is exist in same Mughal period and due to impacts of Muhgal imperialusn, these Soofis as well are as redical and pro peasants class of Sindh and Punjab. This research paper is comparised on an-analytical and comparative study about love story of Sassue-Punhoon. In this article many uniform and unique poetics observation are mentioned in both poets. This love story is evolute in great Indus vally’s many cultural regions in same way and feelings. Many soofi poets are practice on this love story with complete thoughts of mysticism, deep love feelings and sorrows, struggle for her beloved punhoon in arid deserts and mountains range with complete determination. It is an tragedic love story, both characters souls meets with each others after death.

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