The thematic overlaps between Moro and Narr poetry

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Rehana Mallah
Hussain Mussarat Shah


Folk literature is emblematic of human expression. It encompasses our primal, intellectual and artistic tendencies. As a thriving and living form of literature, folk literature never seems to age and remains relevant throughout the ages. Folk poetry for instance, can also be a good measure of the community’s cultural milieu and socio-political mindset. Folk poetry seems to revolve around common themes of our collective passions, suffering, feelings and anxieties. In particular, Moro, is a particularly interesting variety of folk poetry which deals with love, longing and suffering for the beloved. It can be sung solo or collectively. The variety seems to have originated from Kohistan region of Sindh. On the other hand, Narr variety is common in East Asia and Turkey. In Pakistan, its more prevalent in Sindh and Balochistan. Moro and Narr both have overlapping themes and ideologies. For example, both Morro.

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