Images of women’s feeling in the poetry of Shah

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Zafar Ali Sayal
Zain ul Abdin Sodhar


This paper highlights the images of women’s feelings in poetry of Shah.The women of Shah Abdul Latif,s poetry are Known as seven queens heroines of Sindhi, who had given an special place in the poetry of Shah “Shah-Jo- Risalo”.These Seven queens were Celebrated throughout the Sindh for their positive qualities: their honesty, integrity, piety and Loyality. Shah Latif’s Poetry was mainly based on love stories of Sindhi folk lore dominated by women, who stood against the tyranny of time.Shah has expressed the qualities of bravery, real love in women. In the story of Sassui, She is seen as example of bravery boldness, true and target similarly.Shah has taken all her Characters Such as Sassui- Punhoo, Umar -Marvi, Laila - Chanesar, Moomal-Rano, Sohni-Mehaer, Noori Jam Tamachi and Soarath Rai Diach. Marvi as a symbol of patriotism,She abolished the offer of wealth power and all types of comfort.Sohni is presented as rebell .In the case of “Noori” her simplicity and politeness was remained same as before. Though a King Jam Tamachi did everything as true lover to achieve her. Shah Latif has taken all characters (Seven) brave women and presented them as perfect in themselves.

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