Concept of Resistance in the Poetry of Taj Baloch

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Ahmed Hussain Kolachi


Resistance is one of the essential human instinct by which Human being uses to get acceptance about his existence. History of resistance is as ancient as the history of Human being. Because in very start humans started to resist the natural disasters and changing weather. In mythology there is an important place for Resistance. In the history of Sindh there is series of resisting moments. Although the Sindh from very beginning remained nonviolent, peaceful and prosper Region; but in every tough period the people of Sindh strived to support their dignity, Homeland and Humanity. This resulted the region as flourish and prospers. That sumptuousness, richness and extravagance excited the foreign assailants to attack the Sindh. From Arabs to Britain many attacked and captured the Sindh. But time to time local people and Ruler resisted the invaders. The Poets and Writers of the region arisen there voice against foreigners and showed their naturals sincerity with soil. They with their intellectual power and wisdom resisted assailants and morally supported the local mob. Taj Baloch is one of them who resisted the outer forces at intellectual level. He played vital role during One Unit and MRD movement. In this research article I have depicted the concept of resistance in the poetry of Taj Baloch.

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