Research and critical Study of Shaikh Ayazs’ Letters

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Dr. Fayaz Latif


Letter is a direct or personal written or printed message addressed to a common person, fellow, and friend or loved one.Letters can be formal or informal but both played a vital role in communication as well as in developing relationships. A literary letter is a form of writing written by one person to another to share day to day affairs, emotions and inner being in a very impressive way. These kinds of letters have great importance in literature. ShaikhAyaz not only is known as a great modern sindhi and urdu poet but he has an inordinate command on prose. He has written a lot in prose, especially his literary and romantic letters, “Punhal khan poe”and “je kakkakooria kaapri” are worth written and master pieces of Sindhi Language and Literature. In this research article it has been tried to discuss different aspects of letters’of sheikh Ayaz. Like: theme, content, diction, thought, language and specially its impacts on sindhi literature is discoursed in detail.

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