The Influence of Shah Lutifullah’s Thoughts on Shah Latif’s Poetry

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Dr. Amir Ali Shah
Dr. Naheed Arain


The study focuses on the influence of Shah Lutifulla’s profound thoughts on Shah Latif’s Poetry. This comparative study assumes that Shah Latif’s many pieces of poems are under the influential thoughts of Shah Lutifullah’s poetry and his ideas. The study applies qualitative research paradigms. As Shah Latif was the descendent of Shah Latufullah Qadree, and had been thoroughly studying his master pieces. The findings of the study suggest that the main concerns of the Shah Lutifullah’s poetry are; Theism, Tariqat, spiritual learning, Sharia, Ma’rifa, intuitive knowledge and Shah Abdul Latif’s ‘Shah Jo Risalo’ strongly focuses on ‘Oneness of Allah’ which is an important element in Shah Lutifullah’s poetic works. Shah Latif continues this concept in his other subjects including love, peace, humanity, morality, unity, right path, guidance, uprooting the envy, the beauty of God’s attributes among people, the presence of Allah, Al-Haq in man’s heart, and everywhere. Shah Latif’s major subjects are Toheed, and Risalat, apostleship, and he spread them by means of Sufism and Tariqat. The first Chapter of Shah Jo Risalo is ‘Sur Kalyaan’ which reflects the oneness of Allah. This study concludes that the focused subject matter of the both great poets is Sufism where we see the concept of self-discovery and introspection.

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