An Introduction to the Life & Research Work of Muhabbat Buriro

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Deen Muhammad Kalhoro


Muhabbat Buriro was a Multifaced person. Besides being a MBBS Doctor, he was a humanist. Muhabbat Buriro was a scholar who had ability to Pierce through the meaning of the words & reach to their soul. He had good command on the roots of Sindhi words. Thus he was able to coin new words & phrases in Sindhi for various branches of study. Therefore we may call him a lexicologist, who know the meaning of words by meaning of words by studying their full context & history. He pioneered in Sindhi language,the study of lexicography & Linguistics, which was based on western literary tradition. Sindhi text book writers of the earliest times used to coin new phrases of scholarly expressions. This was done either by forming new words from purely Sindhi roots of the words, formed nouns,verbs & adjectives in order to convey the full scholarly out come of a word combination and this the sin qua none of any scientific or technical branch of study.

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