An-analytical and Critical Study of Naraen Shyam,s Doha’s

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Mushtaq Ahmed Gabol


Sheikh Ayaz and Narayan Shyam are well-known to have laid the basis of new traditions in modern Sindhi poetry in addition to blessing it with linguistic beauty, thematic expansion, new forms, innovation, depth, and new freshness. It later on altogether changed the environment of Sindhi poetry. Narayan Shyam's Doha is a beautiful amalgamation of progressive enlightenment, graphic description, romance, and creativity. He has used language in his Doha in a creative and delightful manner. His way of poetic description is purely creative in nature. He is simultaneously as simple and unique in his method of expression and presentation as he is deep and profound. Shyam's dhoha undoubtedly reflect expression of love feelings/ emotions through creativity and imagism. Shyam's Doha is the best manifestation of imagism, creativity, and human emotions. There are found new and vast trends of, art, thought, aesthetics and creativity. Like Haiko in Doha, he is such an artistic poet who knows well the art of imagism, creativity and giving things natural expression.

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