Characters of Shah Abul Latif Bhittai and the Personality of Benazir Bhutto: Research Analysis

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Asif Raza
Zeeshan Ahmed Soomro


This article analyses the ideal characters of the Shah Abdul Latif bhittai and the personality of Benazir Bhutto. The struggle and purity of Shah Latif's characters and the struggle and purity of Benazir Bhutto are very same. Specially the character of Shah Latif's poetry "Sassi" is very similar to the Benazir Bhutto with the context of struggle and sacrifices Shah Abdul Latif discussed the folk Lori of "Sassi- Punhon" in which he discussed the difficulties and struggle of "Sassi" and appreciate her struggle and purity. This paper is a research work which studies the ideal characters of Shah Abdul Latif's poetry and their comparison with Benazir Bhutto's life and struggle.

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