A brief view of Tanveer Abbasi’s Political Tendency in his poetry

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Anwar Pardessi
Sabghat ullah Bhutto


Any person, especially a poet or literate cannot make his self ignominious from any socio-political conditions pertaining within the society. Therefore you can see the impact of its socio-political influence conditionings in his theory or literature. Same thing happened with Tanveer Abbasi's poetical, social and political thought which shows a cry to its flaws and state clear approach during life and his devotion to literature and poetry. No one is ignorant to this fact that his wisdom and thought clearly depicts his tendency towards the socioeconomic and sociopolitical approach. He awards people by his able skills and to create political awareness in the society. He had a belief and worked hard to established provincial autonomy along with demolition of one unit act which can be combined with freedom of expression. All such efforts contributed towards negating the doctrine of might is right and stood steady to injustice to privileged people and influenced concept feudalism. He is advocating to promote the consensus in political mechanism in the society having said that such censure create banks erupting of the state, injustice and violating of the rights of poor as well as violating their rights.

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