Important Sindhi satirical and humorous poet and prose writer Study of the writings of Shamsuddin Bulbul

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Dr. Zain-ul Abdin Sodhar
Aijaz Ali Sodhar


The Mehar has given birth to many knowledgeable and precious personalities. Sir Shamasuddin Bulbul is also at the top of them. Bulbul Sir was a landlord and chief. Bulbul's personality was a multi talented personality. He was a great poet of his day, an excellent poet, an excellent writer, a wise man and a religious saint. He did a great service to his people by his writings and speeches. All his life he tried to keep away the Muslims from European civilization and keep their own civilization. He earned a prominent name in the field of journalism and innovation in journalism. He was the Imam of journalism. His poetry was based on humor and that was for intention of reform and continued to persuade Muslims to seek modern education and to get English education. He was the leader in the field of writing and speaking. He continued to serve Muslims in every field.

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