Study of Prefaces written by Dr. N.A Baloch

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Riaz Hussain Kalhoro
Dr. Nasar ullah Kaboro


He contributed to many subjects such as education and literature. His work includes different fields in which he got great name and fame. He compiled such information which was neither found in past nor anyone could have predicted. Dr. Nabi Bux worked on countless subjects and fields but his work for folk lore is discussed here in detail.His work in folk lore is counted as his precious work in this field. He has compiled it in a vast and broad sense. In addition, he compiled and published a Sindhi dictionary and Jami'a Sindhi lughaat (dictionary). This work consists of 40 volumes which is described in detail. He has also written a prolegomena on these books.Nowadays, prolegomena has been introduced as literary piece of writing by Dr. Hautchand Moolchand Gurbakhshani and Allama Umar Bin Daudpoto. They both are basically scholars who presented prolegomena as a different mechanism and Dr. Nabi Bux endeavored to make it count in good books. It can also be said that Dr. Gurbakhshani and Allama Umar Bin Daudpoto gave an initiative to proligamina and Dr. Nabi Bux explored it well. Dr. Nabi Bux is the only person who is rightly said the founder of its importance and significance.

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