A Critical Study of Characters of Short Stories of Shaikh Ayaz

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Dr. Allah Wasayo Soomro


Shaikh Mubarak Ali (1923-1997)is commonly Known as Shaikh Ayaz , a famous modern poet of Sindhi Language. Besides Sindhi he has also composed his Urdu Poetry. In earlier he wrote some short stories which areshort in number and mostly all are popular. The characters of his stories are not taken borrow from other society or culture but they all are Local and relating to Sindhi Society. Mostly these characters reflect the social, moral and cultural conditions of Sindh and Sindhi Society of that time. Char Aekar Bani, Sharabee, Khilni, Paresari, Sufaid Wahshi are more popular of them. He has described theproblems of Sindhi women like honor killing through his stories and Karo Rang, Nazeeran are popular in this regard.

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