The Subaltern Themes and Perspectives: A Portrayal of Sindhi Peasant in Selected Poems 1939–1975

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Dr. Zaffar Iqbal Junejo
Dr. Rashid Ali Khuhro


This article examines selected Sindhi poetry published in text books, magazines, author-published books, weekly newspapers and other printing forms. The time-span of the article is thirty-six years. However, its subjectivity has determined the poetry. The article exposes the selected themes, with subaltern focussed on peasants’ routine activities such as sowing, cultivating, and husing. In addion to that it also highlights peasants socio-cultural and economic position in rural set ups. Presenlty, parallel media, alterntive media, poetry and fiction are newly emerged socurces regarding the subaltern history. Therefore, the present article portrays peasants sociology, alongwith idealistic cultural and other aspirations in Sindhi society.

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