Butho Daro an Indus Period Archaeological Site of Lower Sindh

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Manik Mustafa Shar
Prof. Dr. Mastoor Fatima Bukhari


The site of Butho Daro is recently accidently discovered during digging of drain which cut the site North-south to east-west, initially it was assumed that the site has small area which was dug and the cultural material was left in debris after digging drain but later on careful field survey was carried out in result discovered site in debris expands to south approximately minimum 100 X 200 meters.

The artifacts found in debris on clay dune have large number of plain and painted pottery, shell objects, bones, animal figurines, burnt bricks, semi-precious stones, copper objects, and other material which suggest preliminary the presence of Early, Mature, Late and post Indus periods, geographical location of the site suggests that it might be transitional site for trade between Indus and Baluchistan and then may to Iranian regions.


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