Talpur Tombs of Khudabad New Halla, District Matiari, Sindh, Pakistan: An-Analytical Study

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Dr. Muhammad Hanif Lagahri
Nageen Kaimkhani


Sindh territories have long history as mention in historical books by scholar and historians. The history of Sindh started from early Arab’s period 8th century A.D to the arrival of Britishers in 1947 A.D. During that period, the Talpur dynasty ruled over Sindh with peace and Justice in the territory. They built palaces, mosques, shrines, forts and Tajar in their own form of art and designs, decorations and architectural style in various spots of Sindh as Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas and Khairpur. In this research, uses scientific equipment as compass, abney leveler, and dumpy level for recording with their relevant accessories latest scientific survey approaches which provides the actual recording methods and knowledge researcher and comparison with relevant architectural features of the local area. Present research emphasis the architectural analysis of the Tomb of Talpur dynasty Khudaabad near New Hala.

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