Language, Society and Culture (A Research Study)..ٻولي، سماج ۽ ڪلچر: هڪ تحقيقي مطالعو

  • Dr. Ahsan Danish


Language is not only the means of increasing social connections and keeping them linked but also it leads to understand the feelings and sentiments of each other. Society is the soil from which language takes shape and progresses. The language is the system of spontaneously adapted symbols which helps the members of a social group to interact and influence each other. Each language is affected by its particular environment and social conditions. I have tried to highlight the relationship of the language, society and culture in this research article. The relationship of language and culture is like that of the relationship of language and society. The way a society is incomplete without language, a culture has an unbreakable link with language. A language is like bridge between a society and a culture through which they affect each other. That is why in the triangle of language, society and culture, the angle of language is the most important. In the end of this research article I have briefly thrown light on the relationship of Sindhi language and society and I have explained that the fountain of Sindhi language is Sindh and Sindhi society and the study of Sindhi culture is equal to the study of Sindhi language.