Thaught of the Poetry of Ayaz Gul .اياز گل جي شاعريءَ جون فڪري خوبيون

  • Allah Wasayo Soomro


Ayaz Gul is the well-known poet of modern Sindhi poetry. He has written of poetry books. He is famous for his Sindhi Ghazal, while he has written, Sindhi Waaee, Geet, Nazam, Trio let, Haiko, Tank and also Sindhi Bait. Most of his poetry has been sung and it also has become famous all over the Sindh. He has got many awards for his poetry collection. He is teacher by professional, Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur, Sindh, Pakistan. He has also written many research articles and participated and presented his paper in many national and international conferences. In this paper his poetry will be analyzed to know about his poetry topics, thoughts, melody and art.