Imagery Elements in the Poetry of Ustad Bukhari استاد بخاري جي شاعريءَ ۾ عڪس نگاري

  • Aziz Kangrani


The Ustad Bukhari, one of the great and famous poets of Sindhi language, which is most popular among the people due to his simple style to express the emotions. He started his poetry in younger age and at the end of his life, he was in association with poetry. Basically he had a lot of observation of rural life, so there are many natural colors spread in his poetry. His poetry having many aspects including the simplicity of emotions, simple and public style of expression, very loving, careful and true in his love etc. The imagery aspect is also an important feature of his poetry. Imagery is an important form of compressed language, and is therefore vital in poetry. Other forms of compressed language, such as simile and metaphor, often create imagery. They help a writer to accomplish as much as possible in as few lines as possible. In this paper, I will discuss and point out the imaginary elements and the examples from his poetry.