An introduction of the books published by Shams-ul-Ulama Mirza Kalich Beg Chair شمس العلماء مرزا قليچ بيگ صاحب جي چيئر پاران شايع ڪرايل ڪتابن جو جائزو

  • Dr. Nawab Kaka


Mirza Kalich Beg is one of the most influential Person of Sindhi Literature, whose many books are published. This chair not only conduct seminars lecture programs but also publishing many books of him. So main objective of chair is to continue the efforts of Mirza sahib regarding spread of knowledge and wisdom. He worked on every branch of knowledge like philosophy, history, religion and science. So the chair has to publish his remaining work. In this paper a short introduction of his published books have been given. Our Moto is to give information to intellectuals and researchers that how many books he wrote on various subjects. His writing work was not limited. Chair will keep continue to publish his books in its available resources.