Centenary of Love 1914 - 2014 A study of novella “Human Drama” by Rafeeque Soomro پيار جي هڪ صدي )رفيق سومري جي نوويلا ”انساني تماشو“ جو اڀياس(

  • Dr.Tahmina Mufti


Here a thorough analysis of short stories developed in the evolutionary period of ran gig from 1914 to 2014 has been done. The study is formed on the influence of short stories written in other languages on its form, subject based on the political freedom movement, culture, changing of life style with time into traditions. Sindhi short stories were also translated into other languages. The stories written were based on the dialogues by characters presenting the social reality in a powerful manner. Specially psychological problems with the passage of time with changing subjects a powerful form of short story novella which was first presented by Rafeeque Soomro a writer a thinker in 1970. His stories are based on the reality and the outcome of this form of story after the experiments on different subjects the dialogue and reaction are interconnected and the beginning and end of the story are prominent _ influence the novel. Novella originated from Italy. The stories in the form of Novella can only be understood only by those who are fully aware of the circumstances, customs, traditions and the problems with their solutions, i.e intelligent with all his senses fully alert. The form of Novella is well presented in the light of the definition in Britannica. The then the content, manifestations of ideas and emotions has been well presented. The trend and style of manifestations, where the original state can be expressed with full strength has been successfully reproduced by Mr. Soomro which is the quality of Novella.