Aesthetics of pathos in the poetry of Shah Latif شاهه جي شاعريءَ ۾ درد جو جمال

  • Dr. Fayaz Latif


Aesthetics is a multi-dimensional and philosophical term which not only contains natural, physical beauty and environmental splendour but it interprets human woes, Virtues and all other substances and panoramas related earth to sky. The Poetry of Shah Latif is very rich in content, quality, versatility and aesthetics. He has cited real pictures, inner feelings and persona of blacksmiths, potters, peasants, fishermen, vagrants and philanthropists in his poetry. Not only this, he also has portrayed a beautiful and fascinating portrayal of rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, birds, animals, flowers and plants of his motherland. Shah Latif not only expressed natural ecstasy and human beauty in his poetry but he has portrait impressive aspects of history and civilization of Sindh. No doubt poetry of Shah Latif is mystical mirror, in which we can see inner faces, feelings, emotions, wounds and woes of his characters. In this research paper I have discussed different aspects of aesthetics available in poetry of Latif but core concentration has remained on beauty of agonies. From comprehensive study of Latif’s poetry, I have come to conclusion that his poetry possesses all colours and cults of aesthetics but how he has expressed and interpreted beauty of human sorrows none other poet has uttered earlier as he had artistic and impressive way in his poetry.