The role of Mirza Kalich Beg in the light of global perspective عالمي تبديلين جي منظر نامي ۾ مرزا قليچ بيگ جو ڪردار

  • Prof. Dr. Ghafoor Memon


Mirza Qalich Beg is renaissance character of Sindh, when British rulers invaded Sindh in 1843 AD, they started to spread modern academic knowledge in Sindh, basically it was period of modern philosophies and revolutions throughout the world. In this period Sindh was taking reforms in society and infrastructure replaced outmoded and unscientific culture, hence Mirza Qalich Beg started to convert knowledge in Sindhi by translation. Mirza Qalich got inspired from English literature specially Shakespeare and Francis Bacon. Therefore he translated their important work in Sindhi, Mirza Qalich Beg was also inspirited with liberal feminism which was started John Stuart Mill’s in second wave of feminism. We can see thought provoked about women liberation in his novel “Zeenat” where Mirza presented ideal Sindhi woman’s character, Mirza Qalich Beg chose a character which was dire need in Sindhi society. His mission was to transfer knowledge and literature in Sindhi language. Mirza Qalich Beg was also a poet. His philosophy in poetry was mysticism; the original thought of Sindh; consequently it means Mirza in subjective life was follower of Sindhi philosophy. Eventually Mirza Qalich Beg transferred the modern knowledge in Sindhi language.