Evolution of Mirza Kalich Beg`s Poem Portrait مرزا قليچ بيگ جي نظم نگاري: هڪ جائزو

  • Prof. Muhammad Sharif Shad Soomro


Poem is the most important form of the Sindhi poetry it is being written in Sindhi literature. Mirza Kalich Beg is first poet of Sindhi poem. It is first time that Mirza Sahib translate the some poems of English poets in Sindhi. Before it, tradition in Sindhi poetry come from Persian poetry, called prosodian poetry in different forms. As couplets (heroic verse) hexagonal (six lines verse) three, four, five lines verse, or large ode (Qaseedah). Mirza Sahib translate in modern forms in Persian and English prosody. It is first time introduce the word “poem” in Sindhi as different forms in Sindhi written by Mirza Kalich Beg. He has been written beautiful poems in Sindhi. In this paper I have analyses the structure of Sindhi poem along with its all patrons, introduced by Mirza Kalich Beg. Describe with proper description.