An Analysis of Poetry of Kalich Beg Mirza مرزا قليچ بيگ جي شاعريءَ تي هڪ نظر

  • Rab Dino Raz Shahani


Kalich Beg Mirza (1853-1929), is one of the beginning writer & Scholar, which played significant role in the maintaining of Sindhi literature. Initially he was translating the many books written in various languages in to Sindhi. They include child literature, woman literature, novel, drama etc. After this he performed research on history of Sindh, Sindhi language and its grammar, which is his highly appreciable contribution for the promotion of language and literature. He wrote at least 488 books on different topics, which is large number of published books in both cases creation and translation. The poetic work of Kalich Beg Mirza is also very special significance in Sindhi literature, which spreads on many published books consist of Poems, Gazal, Rubai etc. in this article I will analysis his poetry from the different aspects in the light of the opinion of the experts.