An Analytical Study of Translated Dramas in Sindhi by Mirza Kalich Beg

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Dr. Farida Dahri


For the sake of spreading and development for sindhi literature, the translation had given a great role, by reading these translation we got new thoughts and opportunities. Mirza Kalich Beg laid the translation on its highest rank, his dramas are often translated from English to sindhi and some are translated from urdu to sindhi. The dramas being translated by Mirza Kalich Beg has espacial thing that he had not copy pasted the translation but translated the english society dramas according to sindhi society, he put the stories of those dramas as same as the original one. He changed the names of the characters and scenes of dramas in sindhi. By translating those best dramas he made an increment in the treasure of sindhi literature. The dramas being translated by Mirza Kalich Beg are often of shakespear.

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