The Brief study of the Poetry of Syed Misri Shah

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Dr. Naheed Parveen


Syed Misri Shah (1840 – 1905) is known as King of Sindhi Kaafi. He was a saint and a great sufi poet. He was born in Nasarpur. He travelled almost throughout the Sindh and observed the collective wisdom of the people. He remained spinster till his whole life. Misri Shah was very kind by his nature. He has composed beautiful poetry. His poetry seems the shadow of his life. Syed Misri Shah was the last classical poet. His poetry is the document of Art and aesthetics. In his poetry, along with Sindhi language; he has used the Arabian, Persian, Siraiki and Hindi Metaphors. In this research paper I have tried to excavate the art and Philosophy of the Poetry of Syed Misri Shah. Through the research I have come to know that in his poetry he has depicted the nature, human and mysticism.

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