Comparative Study of the Poetry of William Words Worth and Tanveer Abbasi

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Dad Muhammad Katohar
Dr. Rahim Bux Mahar "Khadim"


William words worth (1770-1850) was born on 7th April, cocumouth, Cumberland, England. He got his early education in Hawks hed Grammar School. During this time, he wrote his first poem. After that, he went to Cambridge and he got his graduation Degree in 1791. In 1798, his book called ‘lyrical ballads was published. He wrote manifold poems regarding the beauty of nature. He observed nature closely and he captured natural beauty. He has depicted nature in words with aesthetic senses. So, it is observed that there is his intimacy with nature. He calls poetry ‘spontaneous’ over flow of powerful feelings’ which reflects automatically due to closeness with nature. Therefore, his poetry casts impact upon readers as well as listeners. He wants to persuade and please people in this world. In the same way, poetry of Tanveer Abbasi is filled with persuasive art and natural beauty. He shows his closeness to the beauty of nature. So, it is observed that both words worth and Tanveer Abbasi have intimacy with nature in great abundance.

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