Critical Analysis of work done by Muhabbat Buriro in the field of Scientific and Art of Idiomic Structure in Sindhi Language

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Din Muhammad Kalhoro
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Figaar Hakro


Muhabbat Buriro was a trustworthy name in Sindhi language. He has worked in very tough and boring topic type of ‘linguistic’. In this research paper, the scientific and artistic idiomatic works of Muhabbat Buriro are critically analyzed. The meanings, definitions and illustrations of artistic and scientific idiomatic work are analyzed in this paper. In fact, the idiomatic structurization is the hardest art in any language. It is made easy in their own language by those experts, who are not only expert in science but in their own language as well the name of Muhabbat Buriro can be listed in the experts of Sindhi language, who are able to translate the scientific and artistic idiomatic structure in their own language. These types of works of Muhabbat Buriro are explained in this paper.

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