A Study of Metaphors in Sachal Sarmast’s Sindhi Poetry

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Nadim Baloach
Nazar Hussain Chandio


Hazrat Sachal Sarmast was an undaunted mystic poet of his era. He was born in 1827.His thought is imbibed the effect of Mansoor bin Halaj and Fared- din Attar and thanks to it .He is entitled as “Mansore- sani” and Attar of sindh”. Sachal Sarmast belonged to talpur’s era. During this time, Sindh was clouded in the fog imperialism and insularity and was almost on verge of anarchy. Such a critical and sensitive political and religious circumstance were in he close observation of hence, Resultantly, he demonstrated, those conditions through his poetry, sometimes publically and times through, metaphor, symbolism for public awareness. 

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