Evolution of preface writing in Sindhi Literature

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Riaz Hussain Kalhoro
Dur Muhammad Alias Sabghat ullah Soomro


Nowadays, proligamina is read and understood as Sindhi literature. Before that, we knew a little about it. However, proligamina now has a literal meaning. Many learned men have tried to demonstrate in different aspects. A few scholars have made this subject a very complicated one. On the other hand,it is elaborated in detail. Some different concepts about proligamina are discussed by different writers, which will be beneficial to understand its concepts. The word "proligamina" has been derived from an Arabic word that means "one who leads". Proligamina is actually an introduction in which the author is described. It is written in descriptive or prose form, depending on whether the book gives a poetic diction. Basically, proligamina is a critical piece of writing, but it cannot be restricted in its descriptive aspects. because most of the proligamina in writing are in the form of research. Proligamina is a basic and foremost prose form in which the author's self-assessment and the subject of the book are critically expressed. The subject and concept are clearly defined in the book. Composition and its detailed knowledge are its important parts.

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