A brief review of the literary research of Dr. Hamid Ali khanai

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Dr. Zulifqar Ali Jalbani
Dr. Naser Ullah Kaboro


Dr. Hamid Ali Khanai possessed the high and prominent rank as a researcher and critic rather then fiction writer in the history of Sindhi literature. He started writing as a fiction manuscript. After the counselling of Dr. U. M. Daudpota, who knew his real instinct for writing, he soon left writing fiction and turned his best forward to research and criticism. At the age of 27, in 1961, he wrote his first treatise, 'Mansura', and continued the work of research and criticism till 2010. Khanai’s major contribution to Sindhi literature is memorable in the field of Sindhi literature. There is a series of words on the verge of parting time. It covers 49 years of knowledge gained from working in this respective field. The larger part of his work consists of 243 essays, treatises, and 17 books. His shared work for Sindhi literature covers lots of benefits for the lovers of Sindhi literature. His beneficial work always remains the source of inspiration for the army of readers.

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