Research and critical review of Shah's sur leela chanesar

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Dur Muhammad Alias Sabghat ullah Soomro
Riaz Hussain Kalhoro


There are thirty chapters of Latif's poetry. Among them are some chapters whose titles are the names of the female protagonists that are mentioned in the poetry, such as Sasui, Marui, Suhuni, Sorath, Moomal, Noori and Leela. وf these seven female protagonists, Leela is the character that achieves her aims easily and she has all the finese and skill to get everything done with freedom to move anywhere. But she misuses her freedom so much that to achieve something she can risk her honour and respect. Shah Latif has suggested the character in her poetry to make amends for the mistakes that Leela has committed. The main characters of this chapter are Leela, Chanesar, and Kaunro. Shah Latif suggests she burn the necklace due to which she is displeased with her husband. In this chapter, the character of Chanesar is portrayed as God-fearing, loving and sober.

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