A Research Analysis of Educational and Literary Services of Professor Abdullah Magsi

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Dr. Rafique Baloach


On December 17, 1947, Professor Abdullah Magsi was born in the home of Dhani Bux in the small village of Gul Muhammad Magsi, Taluka, and District of Dadu Sindh. Having completed his primary and secondary education, he went to Sachal Arts and Commerce College in Hyderabad to complete his intermediate education. He did his graduation and a masters in the subject of political science from the University of Sindh and was appointed as a lecturer in political science in 1978. Professor Abdullah Magsi had been associated with many literary and historical societies, including Sindh Historical and Cultural Society, Mian Naseer Muhammad, and Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro Literary, Cultural and Historical Memorial Committee, and Sindhi Literary Society (Sindhi Adabi Sangat), etc. Ideologically, he was a progressive, communist, and secular-minded person and his thoughts were revolutionary, based on progressivism and socialism. He was a political analyst and also an expert on socialism. Professor Abdullah Magsi was an erudite person who contributed his valuable services regarding awareness for education and re-awakening. This humanist and patriotic person defied the research that was carried out on the basis of faith or belief. Furthermore, he tried to construct the history of Sindh on the basis of reason and logic. From a scientific perspective, he looked at history, society, literature, and art. His published books are : (1) The Role of Sindhi Literary Figures in Universal Peace. (3) A contemporary examination of Sindh's history (Sindh je taareekh jo jaded mutaalo). In his books, he not only discussed the scientific inventions, fanatic fervor, Fascism, Imperialism, and horrible wars but also wrote from Soomra's reign to the present age about Sindh’s political, social, and retaliation movements in a scientific way. He did research on historical places like Moen Jo Daro, RanniKot, Sapar Mari, and Khuda Abad. Furthermore, he wrote research articles on historical personalities, e.g., Qalandar Lal Shahbaz, Makhdoom BilawalSamo, etc. This great scholar and historian of Sindh died on April 1, 1993.

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