Investigation of Archaeological Sites Eastern Thar Desert from Cholistan to the Thar of Sindh, Pakistan

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Ghulam Hassan Burdi
Dr. Muhammad Hanif Lagahri


Thar Desert is located at east of Pakistan from Cholistan (Punjab) to the province of Sindh. It spread at the distance of 500 Kilometers north – South and 200 Kilometers in east – west. Northern Thar of Cholistan (Bahawalpur, Rahimyar Khan, Bahawalnagar Districts) in 1997 reported 450 discoveries put in the map of region. Upper Thar of district Ghotki and Sukkur districts are explored along the Raini River (dried) ancient Hakra course. Archaeologists have ignored remaining Lower Thar of Sindh including Tharparkar Umerkot and Sanghar Districts. This paper attempts to provide extensive details of exploration and documentation of archaeological sites from different seasons from 2004-2009 the researcher explored the remote and sensitive area of lower Thar Desert, recorded 120 fresh archaeological discoveries of different pre-proto and historical period sites.The methodologies for the recording of archaeological sites were based on three important aspects as data acquisition, analyzing or processing and interpretation. When, the site was experienced its aspects and geological not set in stone. The site- level overview gave data on the presence or nonappearance of any unmistakeable elements and action regions like assembling garbage dissipated type relics, nature of the site, absolute region involved assortment of intriguing things and locational setting. The outcome of this research is: previously the area was not explored scientifically. Now documented in detail and exact location of each site is kept on the regional Map.

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