Hakeem Fateh Muhammad Shehwani as a First Muslim Biographer of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him in Sindhi Prose

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Muhammad Waqar Nawaz Mughal
Dr. Muhammad Mudasir Nawaz Mughal


Hakeem Fateh Muhammad Sehwani (1883–1942 A.D.) was one of the most popular and prestigious writers and leading educators in Sindh. He had written sixteen books on different topics in Sindhi prose. He had the honour to became the first muslim prose writer of biography of Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم peace be upon him. His three books, namely Fateh-e-Muhammadi, Hayat-un-Nabi, and Ikhlaq-un-Nabi, are considered masterpieces of the Holy Prophet’s life in Sindhi language. He tried to write not only in the Sindhi language but also in Urdu and the Persian language.

In his early life, he adopted the pen name "Saghir", but after some time, he adopted his title as "Hakeem" because of his family profession. His first book was published under the name Fateh-e- Muhammadi in the year 1911 A.D. In this book, he denied the objections and allegations of a Christian anonymous writer against the Holy Prophet and Islam. Fateh-e-Muhammadi is considered the master piece among all his works. His second book, Hayat-un-Nabi, describes important events in the Holy Prophet’s life from primary sources, and the third book, namely Ikhlaq-un-Nabi, was about the teaching of the Holy Prophet on ethics. In this article, the introduction of Hakeem Fateh Muhammad Sehwani’s work on the life of the Holy Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم is discussed.

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