Importance of Sami’s Poetry in Modern Times

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Dr. Manzoor Ali Veesrio


Sindhi is an ancient language. It has rich literary traditions, which consists classical and modern literature. Many poets of classicalperiod had enriched Sindhi classical poetry and enlighten the masses of Sindh. Chainrai Bachumal or Murlidhar, Dattaramani, Sami is one of the famous poets of Sindhi classical poetry. Shah Latif, Sachal Sarmast and Sami are the trica of Sindhi classical poetry. After Shah Latif and Sachal Sarmast Sami has an important position in Sindhi classical poetry. Chainrai Sami was born in 1743 in Shikarpur and died in 1850. He composed his poetry in Salokas. The collection of his poetry is known as “Sami ja Salok” (Salokas of Sami). 35 years after the death of Sami, Kauromal Khilnani collected 2100 Salokas and published them with a fine preface. The main themes of his poetry is to unite the human spirit or soul with God or the over soul by purring it of worldly and sensual pleasures and attachments. He also gave the moral teachings and highlights the evils of the society. His message is the message of love, brotherhood, equality, tolerance and peace.In this research paper it has been tried to highlight or elaboratethese above themes of Sami’s poetry, which are much needed in present time of Sindhi society.

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