Aspects of Paris Abbsi’s Poetry- A Critical Study

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Dr. Anwar Pardesi
Dr. Mahar Khadim


ParasAbbsi was born on the 27thFebruary, 1965 in Sarmand’s House at KhairpurMir’s. She got her initial education from Khairpurthen she went to Hyderabad for higherstudies, she got Engineering Degree in Architecture from MehranUniversity of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro.She started to compose poetry inage of 13 years and her first book “RESHMI AWAZ” was published in 1993. This book consists ofGeet, Doha, Haikus, Gazals, and Nazams, which are filled with skills and arts. The style of her poetry is lucid,lovely and musical with tinge of fluent expression. It gives a good flow offeelings with attractive and charming way of writing. There are many aspects in her poetry which are globally recognized aspects of poetry. Generally, her poetry provides the exposure of literary trendsand techniqueswhich need to be exploredfor public.

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